Welcome to ColdScribe

Do you find frustrating writing cold emails just like us ? Don't worry we're here to help you out.

Be it a sales prospecting or a job application email, we have a solution for everything. We have a smart AI which can write customised cold emails as per requirement. With some basic inputs you can generate a professionally written email.

Our Mission

At ColdScribe, our mission is to empower individuals and businesses with the ability to effortlessly create tailored cold emails. We understand the importance of effective communication in today's dynamic world, and we believe that everyone deserves access to a tool that simplifies the process of crafting impactful messages.

The Power of ColdScribe:

Harness the power of our intelligent AI to transform basic inputs into professionally written emails. Our smart AI adapts to your specific requirements, ensuring that each email is customized to resonate with your audience. Whether you're reaching out to potential clients or applying for your dream job, ColdScribe streamlines the email creation process, saving you time and helping you achieve your goals.

Coldscribe prototype image

ColdScribe prototype

  • ColdScribe is now live!

    After 2 months of hardwork, we are launching coldscribe with two main features, i.e, job application emails and sales prospecting emails generation.

    Novemeber 20, 2023

  • Started Building ColdScribe

    My co-founder and I decided the design, databases, techstack, almost everything of ColdScribe and started working on it.

    September, 2023

  • Prototype Builded.

    Within 2 days the first prototype of generating cold email was build and thus my problem of writing cold emails was solved. It had a basic feature of uploading resume and generating cold email for job application.

    August 15, 2023

  • Ideation

    I am a 3rd year undergrad at NIT Jalandhar and was looking for internships. So writing everytime a new cold email for different company was frustrating. Right at this point the idea of generating cold emails was born.

    August 13, 2022